Poetry Workshop at University of Southern Maine

Date: 09/11/2010

Art At Work teamed up with Jan Piribeck, Chair of USM's Art Department on her QR Project. QR is a form of coded text, very popular in Japan, just now gaining fans in the US. A 6" x 6" barcode of black & white squares, QR (Quick Response) is readable by smartphones equipped with a QR translation application. Using a digital map of East Bayside neighborhood, much of which is below sea level, the students from USM's print and digital media classes are writing poems about the predicted increase in water levels due to global warming. The poems will be translated to QR Code and posted as flags, posts, miniature murals throughout E. Bayside as part of Zero Stations's 10/10/10 Global Work Party. Photos are from Marty Pottenger's, Director of Art At Work's poetry generation workshop. Students and faculty wrote poems from a multiplicity of perspectives with topics that included memories, water, land, edges, loss, change, opportunity, elements, history, messages and global warming. QR Installations will be available for public viewing on and after 10/10/10 throughout E. Bayside and along Portland Trails new E. Bayside Trail.

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